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We deliver nextgen security platforms that create compliance, secure sensitive data, people, and assets. Our solutions provide valuable insight and create secure business value from day one. Welcome to UBA NETWORKS.


 Autonomous information security policy 

From non-malicious to malicious. From unintentional to intentional. Organizations and businesses have challenges keeping employees to follow the information security policy. With a staggering 86% of data breaches caused by human error, the fact is that traditional cybersecurity education and a standard paper information security policy don't cut it anymore. An autonomous digital information security policy helps organizations proactively educate employees and secure sensitive data before an incident occurs.

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Millions are the annual cost of all insider incidents


Millions are the annual cost of malicious incidents


Days to contain more than 1/3 of insider incidents



Human error is the leading cause of data breaches.

Employees unknowingly or unintentionally expose their organizations to breaches by browsing risky websites, downloading malicious files, accessing confidential data through unsecured Wi-Fi networks, or inserting USB sticks containing malware.

Ava Reveal provides incident-based training to educate employees, enforce Acceptable Use Policies, and safeguard against threats.




Avoid data breaches caused by accidental errors or careless employees

Improve cyber hygiene with incident-based training that enforces your security policies and compliance needs







'Feel great to work with the platform and the people behind it. We see that we have better compliance. We can keep track of our users without cross the border in personal integrity. We know that our information security policy can come into full force, and not just a paper product. I get all my data from the reporting part in the platform before management reviews. If we compare this level of perceived security through to constantly educate our employee we would spend a lot more time and money.
'Ragnar Sethson
CIO Sophiahemmet Hospital 
The autonomous information security policy lets us tailor our policies for each country we operate in and is ensuring that we are compliant.
Hans Geuens
IT Manager, Direct Diagnostic Alliance
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