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Our background is from secure video communication for the healthcare sector with technologies from Tandberg, Cisco, and Acano. UBA Networks was founded in 2018 to join the gap between the cybersecurity and video security space. UBA Networks were the first Swedish partner to Ava Unified Security.

In 2020 UBA became partners to Zoom, Neat, and Dten to deliver next-gen video services and endpoints for secure visual communications.


"Our mission is to provide next-gen platforms that make cyber and video

security incidents easier to investigate and proactively minimize human error".



We found a dream partner in Ava Unified Security. We shared the same vision of making the complex more accessible for operators to act on before an incident occurs. With the base in real-time analytic and machine learning, together with triggered based alarms of the known and unknown threats, we provide a solution that sees, understands, and acts! Together with an engine of over 400 prewritten policy per today, we have found a successful recipe to minimize human error. 


The first...

In Q2 2020, UBA Networks were awarded by Ava Unified Security as the best partner for installing the first autonomous information security policies for numerous healthcare providers in Europe. These policies now proactively help educate employees on handling sensitive data correctly, minimizing human error, and keeping organizations compliant with laws and regulations.



Together with our partner Ava Unified Security, we are now working against a vision to join the cyber and video security under one platform. By this, we will give our customers valuable data that drive new business insight from real-time analytics and takes security to the next level. Welcome to follow and join our journey. We have just getting started!