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An end-to-end Cloud video security solution

The Ava video security surveillance solution offers the simplicity and flexibility of a cloud platform while providing the same powerful proactive security and AI capabilities of Ava’s on-premises and hybrid deployments. Help your security team focus on what really matters—protecting your business and people, investigating events faster and smarter, and enhancing operational insights.


Use Cases


  • Video surveillance with integrated analytics and anomaly detection in real-time
  • People presence, smart map, people and object tracking, notifications, and alarms
  • Search by similarity, events, objects, and images across your entire deployment


  • Secure by default with always-on encryption for recordings and media transport
  • Hardware designed from the ground up for best-in-class security
  • Detailed audit trails of all operator and admin actions

Future proof 

  • Intelligent security system with hybrid cloud architecture for lower bandwidth costs, better image quality, and deployment flexibility
  • Cloud services for automatic software upgrades, remote monitoring, and safe remote access
  • Open architecture that integrates with third-party cameras and access control systems
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Threat detection and notifications
in real-time

Ava uses intelligent algorithms and self-learning to detect abnormal behavior in specific scenarios and alerts operators in real-time. It intelligently highlights what’s truly relevant from all your cameras, in real-time, all the time.


unautorized access


Each Ava camera contains acoustic sensors giving 360-degree coverage. The cameras identify specific sound patterns to determine the type of sound and its direction, and sends instant alerts to Ava Aware, providing security operators with a complete overview of the surroundings.


Powerful search across all cameras

Search by event and similarity to perform appearance and image detection powered by machine learning capabilities to comb through countless hours of video within seconds.


Enhanced business and operational insights

Your security and operations teams can gain more situational awareness and insights. Monitor and count people and vehicles, watch smart maps to understand hot spots or high traffic areas to manage occupancy and shift scheduling.


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Ava Aware mobile app (Android, iOS)

With the Ava Aware Android and iOS apps, we offer users a set of features that mirrors the Aware web client, from seeing and managing alarms to viewing live video or playback. Users will experience a natural, smooth transition from web to mobile and vice versa

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Ava Aware Video security in the Cloud

UBA Networks is providing a secure cloud-based instance for our customers. These make it easy and functional to install one or serval hundreds of Ava cloud cameras. Scan the QR code, and the camera will instantly be installed in your instance and ready to start to analyze your needs.

Analytics -Recording-Security 

The Ava aware cloud platform is only analyzing the metadata from the video feed with real-time analytics. This means that the Ava Cloud instance is no need of transferring the video feed to analyze your policies.  All analytics and recording are done within the camera and erased after 30,60, or 120 days. All Ava cameras have factory-installed certificates, no default passwords, mandatory access authentication, HTTPS/TLS encryption.


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