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Direct diagnostic alliance

DDA was the first healthcare provider in Spain, The Netherlands, Curacao, Sweden, and Thailand to implement a digital autonomous information security policy.



Globally, the healthcare industry has experienced more security breaches than any other industry, so healthcare companies are leading the way in implementing the most comprehensive cybersecurity solutions. Explore how UBA Networks, together with Ava Cyber-Reveal, delivered Europe’s first autonomous information security policy for healthcare providers.



It all started over a decade ago when we identified an opportunity to create a better alternative – a provider not driven by short-term gains, one that carefully listens to wishes and needs, and an open-minded and sustainable workplace where ideas and creativity are welcomed, a network that represents competence, integrity, and efficiency.

This is the vision that has allowed DDA to grow strongly since those early years. Our medical team has grown to more than 200 radiologists with an outstanding experience. We are operating out of offices in the Netherlands, United Kingdom, Sweden, Spain, Curacao, and Thailand, along with a number of specialists working from their homes.


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Geographical reading offices around the world


remote exams on a yearly basis


With a widespread workforce and different local compliance laws, DDA put a lot of time to educate its workforce. With a remote workforce of over 200 radiologists working in different countries and timezones, getting all together at the same time was a challenge. 


  • Map the paper infosec policy to a fully digital autonomous information security policy. 
  • Proactively and autonomously educate users before an incident can occur.
  • Get compliance reports together with Ava analyst service on changes in user behavior to keep the information security policy as a living digital document for the entire organization.


UBA Networks worked closely with the AVA Analyst team to get a scoop of user behavior. During three weeks, The Ava platform gathered vital analytic metadata around anonymous user behavior. (User data is pseudo-anonymous in the medium and protect personal integrity).

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From the initial analyst review, we got a better understanding of user behavior and potential security threats and could accordingly build policies that help DDA radiologist to follow the DDA information security policy. UBA Networks and AVA Unified Security then mapped DDA's infosec policy to a digital. Hence, DDA is now compliant with local data regulations and laws in the countries they operate.  One specific behavior we noticed was to one user behavior and print screen. The user took print screens of the PACS imaging system and stored the images on the local computer. The meaning of this was to more accessible compare to medical images. What the user unintentionally didn't think of was. That sensitive information was stored in the print screen and should not be stored locally on any DDA workstations. DDA now has a fully autonomous information security policy that proactively helps employees work with secure sensitive data

Hans Geuens," With Ava Reveal, we can educate our remote workforce when needed and at the same time know that DDA is compliant in each country we operate in."

Together with the Ava Reveal analyst team, Direct Diagnostic Alliance gets in-depth quarterly reviews. These reports give DDA insight on changes in user behavior and, by this, keep their information security policy both dynamic and living.


AVA Reveal is an award-winning next-gen cybersecurity platform that helps the organization to get the whole picture. The Ava Reveal platform comes with over 400 prewritten policies and is growing with every update on the Ava Reveal platform.   


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